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Have You Heard About ToffeeSmyth?

"Toffee from ToffeeSmyth makes a wonderful gift. The quality is first class and it is truly addictive. Everyone that I give it to says they just cannot stop eating it. I wholeheartedly agree!"
~ Patti ~

"All of my family and friends are thrilled to get your toffee every year!! They can't stop eating it. The best toffee they have ever had! I had a client step on a plane and could not stop eating it, he was afraid there would not be any left when he returned home to his wife! Soooo good!"

~ Keelin ~

"Delicious homemade treat! Everything is fresh and wonderful people to work with. Presentation is so nice for gift giving."

~ Ginger ~

"Toffee-Smyth: I received a box as a hostess gift and ate the entire thing (no wonder I look the way I do!) They are totally delicious and beautifully made, and they will ship everywhere. The perfect hostess gift."

~ Victoria ~

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